Monday, 25 January 2016

Why I Started Blogging?

I was making plans to start a blog from long time. Than I've entered my university in Persian Language and Literature department. First day of my university I've decided and started blogging to write everything about my university life. Than I've shared some posts. When I look at my posts which I've shared till now they are not only about Iran. I mentioned about my room's new decor, a cafe near my university, some advice for students who are studying for university exam in Turkey, a book from my favorite poet and some book festivals etc...
Yes, I love Iran but it doesn't mean that I like everything what Iran is doing. My country is Turkey and I have lived here from my childhood. Everyone has a favorite country in their lives, so my favorite country is Iran. I like Persian people, Persian literature, Persian poets, Persian language, Persian traditions... So, I've shared my posts in Turkish till now but after this time I will share in English also. My posts will not be only about Iran, I will write about everything what I want to write. :) I hope you'll enjoy while reading my posts...
If you have advice or question email me or leave a comment below! Thank you. ^^


  1. We want to read more your post. Have a good day :)

    1. Thanks alot ^^
      I will share a post asap :)

  2. That was a good share, thank u :)