Monday, 8 February 2016

What is Chador?

Iran is a country where women have to wear hijab. The rules for women are hair must be covered and to wear something to cover the body. So women who lives in Iran wear chador. The chador does not have sleeves and does not close in the front. It stays open, or the woman holds it closed by hand, with her teeth or under her arm. Under the chador, women wear long blouses or long dresses. Wearing the chador in mosques is a necessity. Besides wearing the chador during prayer is very important thing. If you go to a mosque without wearing the chador, even people warn you. It's not a rural wearing must be dark in Iran. Everyone can use light colors, even in chadors. There is too much fabric shops for chadors and very beautiful fabrics in shops.
I still remember when first time I've started to wear chador. It was a very different moment. I was too young and it was my first trip to Iran. Especially my father asked for me to wear chador. :) First time it was very difficult to wear it, but after I wear it I fell in love with chador, because it's very easy to wear it. So I wear chador from my childhood but not in outside. I wear chador when I go to Iran and during prayers.
First my mom sewed a chador for me, white and floral printed. So whenever I want a new chador, my mom is sewing a new one for me. It's really exciting to choose a fabric for new chador. Likewise, whenever I go to Iran and visit my relatives and my friends, I've receive chador as a gift from them. :) It always makes me happy. ^^ I still have too much fabrics for chador in my wardrobe...
I've mentioned a topic which I really like, if you have advice or question email me or leave a comment below, thanks for reading! ^^

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