Thursday, 17 March 2016

Haft Seen Table

Haft Seen table is a traditional custom which sets up in Persian new year Nowruz. It means "seven seen" ; seven symbolic items. The Haft Seen table setting with 7 different items which starting with the letter "seen" in the Persian alphabet.
1. Seeb means apple. Apple is a very common item in Haft Seen. Seeb symbolizing health and natural beauty. Especially red apples.
2. Sabze means grass. Sabze is an inseparable item in Haft Seen. Its a symbol of nature, exhilaration and spring.
3. Senjed is a dried fruit which symblolize the wisdom and love.
4. Serkeh means vinegar. Serkeh symbolizes old-age, patience.
5. Somaq means sumac. Somaq is a symbol for patience and the color of sunrise.
6. Samano is a sweet puding made from germinated wheat which smybolizing power and bravery.
7. Seer means garlic, symbolizing medicine.
There is also other items not starting with letter seen. For example mirrow; it is also a common item in Half Seen which is not starting with S and it is a symbol for light. Goldfish is not starting with S but it is an also inseparable item. Quran, the holy book of Islam, and some poet books as Shahnameh and Divan-e Hafez... Candlesticks, decorated eggs, coins, pomegranates etc.
We are celebrating Nowruz every year with our relatives. Preparation is very excited for Nowruz. It's really funny watching my grandmother while she is painting the eggs.
My next post is going to be about Nowruz. If you liked this post leave a comment belong, thanks for reading! :)

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