Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Iranian Poet Shahriar!

Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, known by his pen name, "Shahriar" was a famous poet. He wrote in Azerbaijani Turkish and Persian. He was born in a village near Tabriz and his most important poem in Azari language is "Heydar Babaya Salam" means "Hail to Haydar Baba". Haydar Baba is the name of a mountain near Tabriz where Shahriar spent his childhood. So "Hail to Haydar Baba" is about Shahriar's childhood and his memories. It has gained a lot popularity in his country and it was translated to more than 30 languages.
His day of death named as the "national day of poem" in Iran. Iran commemorates Shahriar and honors his memory on his death anniversary every year. He passed away in Tehran but his body was transferred to Tabriz -his hometown- and was buried in "Maqbaratoshoara". Maqbaratoshoara means "Tombs of Poets".
Tombs of Poets is a graveyard containing the graves of important poets, mystics, scientists and well-known people of Tabriz. More than 400 poets are buried in Tombs of Poets. Tombs of Poets is absolutely fascinating place. If you go to Iran, you must visit this place! I am sure about you will feel poetry because the area is decorated with poets' likenesses and poems.
If you want to read his poem "Hail to Haydar Baba", click here! Thanks for reading this post! :)

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