Sunday, 20 March 2016

Persian New Year Nowruz

Nowruz is the name of Persian New Year and it means "New Day" in Persian language, celebrating on 21st March. It is the most important holiday in Iran and it is celebrated by Iranians.
What is the traditions for Persian New Year? During this time -especially before Nowruz- Iranians begin preparing for the occasion by cleaning their homes -spring cleaning-. Families wash rugs, windows. They buy new clother to wear in Nowruz and buy lot of flowers.
They host their guests and kiss each other and say "Nowruz Mobarak!" (Happy Nowruz!) for new year greeting. Older ones give presents such as cash, coins or golds to younger ones.
The most important custom in Nowruz is arranging a Haft Seen.
For guests they keep pastry, cookies, fresh, dried fruits and special nuts at their homes. Iranians have special dishes and desserts for Nowruz. As a traditionally noodle soup, meal of rice with green herbs and fish, rice cooked with noodles etc.
The first few days are spent visiting older members of the family, relatives and friends. Some families hold large parties. Kids receive presents and sweets, toys or something like that.
Another custom is Haji Firooz. Haji Firooz is the black faced character who is the traditional herald of the Nowruz. He wears red costume and begins to wander around. He sings and dances for Nowruz. It is absolutely to create a happy atmosphere. In this way new year begin with happiness and lot of laughs.
Thanks for reading, Happy Nowruz everyone! :)

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